Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Dust suppression system ADSTM, based on fog technology it is an effective and low-cost method of removing volatile dust generated in the process of crushing, screening, conveying material conveyors, loading and unloading.
On the effectiveness of these systems are comparable with filters or wet scrubbers, but require much less maintenance.
ADSTM system is easy to install and operate, they do not require additional installations for waste sludge.

System operation
The principle of operation is agglomeration of like-sized water and dust particles. As the agglomerates become larger and heavier, they settle back onto the source material, and carry through the process without any special handling.

System components
The system consists of a set of unique fogging nozzles, devices to control the pressure and flow of air and water filters, shelters for dust sources.
Our nozzles, operating on compressed air, producing water droplets of 0-30 microns, which is ideal for capturing dust PM-10. There are three models with a flow of water from 4 to 68 l/min and a corresponding intake air of 3 to 25 SCFM. Operating pressures correspond to the standard air pressure and water on the plant. Flow of air and water is minimal, per one nozzle it is approximately 0,25 l/min of water and 0,065 m3/min of air.
The system works on all standard voltages of electricity. Programmable logic control and relay-contact circuits are also available.
In explosion-proof models are used externally controlled with a pneumatically remote control. Frost-resistant models operate at ambient temperatures up to -35oC.


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  • Our company will be happy to develop for your company project dust suppression system.
  • Dust suppression system ADS are highly efficient and relatively low cost of deployment and maintenance.